Our Story

In 2016, sixteen year old Randi called me from her babysitting job and asked me come over while the children slept. She showed me the lady's boutique full of clothes. "Nothing will fit me" I assured her. But she convinced me to try something. We spent hours trying on clothes and laughing. It was the first time we ever had fun with clothes and looked good. I was hooked. Crystal & Randi Boutique began just a year later.

As life would have it, our family has been through a few changes over the years. The kids have grown up, wrecked a few cars, moved out and back in, Jim has retired due to health issues, we have battled cancer and mental health issues, and we have grown through it all. We are now based out of a small town in southeastern Utah. Randi has found another passion and has stepped more into the background while she moves on to love and guide children. I run the day to day operations of C&R Boutique with my husband Jim and my other two kids Ryder and Ella.

We continue to add more cute, colorful, and fun items to our boutique to help you express your unique personality with style and confidence.

We select, package, and ship every order with LOVE and you in mind. We hope every time you interact with our shop or open a package you feel our love and appreciation!

Thank you for supporting our family run business and our dream to help women feel beautiful, confident, loved and accepted every single day!

Stay tuned for all the cute goodies!

XOXO Crystal & Randi!